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We use a disciplined approach to assigning and managing tasks and responsibilities.

Customized RUP Development Methodology: Rapid development with documentation and code generation. Product Development Management based on scorecards: Well defined modules with accountability for deliverables firmly established. Implemen-tation roadmap with sufficient process checkpoint to ensure smooth progress.

Fast Track Development using system components, engines and frameworks: Modularity reduces complexity while increasing flexibility. Configurable business rules, data formats and required variables.

Plug and Play system architecture lets you integrate well with existing in-house solutions: Deploy at your own pace while keeping selected existing solutions.

ASP and OEM system configuration: Either model or a combination. Outsource your drug adjudication while adjudicating health internally.

Scope Management - Staged Delivery.

Functionality can be delivered in groups that support immediate business cases. Additional features are delivered incrementally over a specified number of milestones.

We begin with the project charter which defines what needs to be accomplished and lists the boundaries, barriers and consequences of the actions. The discovery phase is followed by the definition approach, budgets and controls. The project is monitored and controlled by "report cards" reporting on what is ahead, behind and completed. The constant feedback is facilitated by comparing the results against the project milestones.

Our mandate is to deliver solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders on time and on budget.


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